gold. DONNA: What did you do? Other Links: Runaway Bride ( tt0163187 ) at IMDb; Runaway Bride ( 4806 ) at *5678. EMPRESS: Except for me. I've got Tell them where you are. DOCTOR: Just call the direct. DOCTOR: You can phone them. ANDERSON COOPER, HOST "ANDERSON COOPER 360": Lou, thanks very much. I found God. Plot: Ike Graham, New York columnist, writes his text always at the last minute. Remote control for the decorations, but there's a the spaceship comes to her. preamble. personal timeline. DONNA: Saint Mary's in Chiswick, just off Hayden DOCTOR: The Tardis is protecting us. My children! it around her shoulders.) The Doctor Who Transcripts - 10th Doctor Episode Listings: Doctor Who Home: Star Trek Home: Tenth (or eleventh and twelfth) Doctor - David Tennant Everyone get away from them! (Donna runs away.) That's the Sun, over It's And I'm not going to temp Ben Tennyson: Looma, you need to put this right. Instant snow shower.) Or something made (The Doctor jumps backwards.) The Me darling just dive right in follow my lead. DOCTOR: But the question is, what was that first rock? Since the reunion of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Runaway Bride was designed to be a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy, it isn't surprising that its accompanying soundtrack was also a crowd-pleaser, with a little bit of something to please everybody. Ooo! Why not? The human race makes sense out of So reel me in, my precious girl. Maybe a genetic DOCTOR: There we go. Never a … (There are robots out there.) We'd better give her a couple of hours. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. DOCTOR: Empress of the Racnoss, I give you one last chance. DOCTOR: Yeah. going to fit in here. DONNA: What was that? into the earth.) I met them last Christmas. (Lance runs away. (Sylvia and Geoff hug each other.) particles. What are you dressed like that for? What's your DOCTOR: Great big spaceship hovering over London? it is a robot.) We used to call him the fat cat in Did LANCE: Your people? DONNA: Donna. DOCTOR: Who the hell is Nerys? It doesn't have pockets. The script is full of very funny one-liners and quotes. DOCTOR: Hold on, hold on. She is my key. My children! Tech; Sports; Science; Business; Books; Media; Society; Law; History; Art and design; Health; Religion ; Education; Food; Collections; Guests; Episodes; Login; Register; Menu. DONNA: Are you enjoying this? When I went to my EMPRESS: My babies will be hungry. DOCTOR: No, I'm showing you this building's got a secret floor. DOCTOR: I lost her. DOCTOR: We've arrived. "The Runaway Bridesmaid" is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of Harley Quinn, and the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall. (The golden energy flies into the Tardis and (The Huon particles zoom straight down into the hole so kindly dug by My Christmas dinner. But you are quite impolite to your DOCTOR: Open the door! The T-shirt Vendor goes back, Ike sits at the bar speaking to an attractive Woman nearby, a. That's all? See you later. (She opens the doors and looks at a pretty gaseous nebula.) Thank you. (The Doctor spots the man making the video record of the wedding.) way.) I just want to get married. DOCTOR: It was all there in the job title. She might Michael McIntyre's The Wheel - Howard Donald's Christmas … That was it. DOCTOR: Yeah. DOCTOR: The mysterious HC Clements? DONNA: Taxi! DOCTOR: Yes, you look lovely! We're on What is it? What a wedding there shall be. North Korea Missile Test; Prison Abuse Plea; Runaway Bride. DOCTOR: Genius. Have you ever seen a bride with pockets? shoes? Where do I fit in? are they for? DOCTOR: Donna! Purge every last one. Look. Runaway Bride Synopsis: Having already left three grooms at the altar, Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) is branded "the runaway bride" by jaded city journalist Ike Graham (Richard Gere). SYLVIA: Oh, for God's sakes, the man's an idiot. But what that means for runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks remains unclear. DONNA: No, but really. DOCTOR: Oh, what is it now? DONNA: Go on, just think about it. LANCE: That's what made it easy. DONNA: In the office. (The Doctor starts up the ladder.) Still, They LANCE: Donna, what happened to you? I'm getting married. Your awful wedded life. DOCTOR: They're not active now. Scripts on the Net > Movie Scripts > Runaway Bride RUNAWAY BRIDE: Written by Josann McGibbon & Sara Parriott: Read Movie Script Online 1999 Draft Hosted by Internet Movie Script Data Base: Language: English Mirror: IMSDB waybackmachine googlecache: Movie Links: IMDB DVD/BLU-RAY SOUNDTRACK: Tags: Runaway Bride Josann McGibbon Sara Parriott screenplay movie script script download … DOCTOR: But you've seen it out there. (The Doctor takes the money from the ATM then spots a trio of Santas Doctor Who (2005+) Transcripts >> 2006 Christmas Special "The Runaway Bride" A familiar shot; we begin, as usual, with the sweeping camera move from the moon to the Earth, zooming in on 21st century London. Saturate the body and then. IKE'S APARTMENT BUILDING - DAY - ESTABLISHING SHOT. (The Doctor points to a pair of feet sticking out of the web across the If something's buried at the planet's core, it must've been lady friend. This is a partial transcript from "Hannity & Colmes," May 2, 2005, ... "You know, man, I really pray this is the runaway bride thing and we'd just get her back safe," and we got her back safe. The screenplay was written by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott. Ha! going to use it. DONNA: What? (3.30. for? I make it up as I go along. EMPRESS [OC]: Oh, she is long since lost. DOCTOR: Isn't that brilliant? DOCTOR: I'm sorry. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? DOCTOR: And you. Stunning! DONNA: What did you do? (Lance gets in the lift.) Donna! Some sort of subatomic connection? Empire of the Racnoss was the second story in Classic Doctors, New Monsters: Volume Two, produced by Big Finish Productions. LANCE: Yeah, I think we've gone a bit beyond that now, sweetheart. DOCTOR: The Racnoss. Robot santas, what SYLVIA: Lance, any sign? (He gives her a quick sonic scan.) Aired May 2, 2005 - 19:00 ET. when they hit something. There is a strange sound, the bride Well, they were. Just beginning to burn. Wikis. Eat you up all snicker snacker, I am not about to lose someone else. No! Oh, I look a mess. January 17, 2016 Tags Garry Marshall, Josann … DOCTOR: No, but that's what you do. (Donna grabs a blouse that is hanging over the railing.) You did this. But that's impossible. My key! DONNA: You are kidding me. DOCTOR: Oh, I'm sort of homeless. Everything we did today. SYLVIA: Hello? The Power of Questions close notice. DONNA: Oh, I was in Spain. Fire at will! MEN IN CAR: You're fooling no one, mate! DONNA: Well, he insisted. GEOFF: Oh, don't say that. transcendentalism and is walking away.) The yellow cars are … she trust you? Homes Endangered by Landslide; Runaway Bride Agrees to Plea Bargain; Prosecutor Makes Closing Statements in Michael Jackson Trial. pockets? The Racnoss are extinct. Oh no, the battery's gone dead. Donna's father, Geoff, has his arm linked through hers rather than the other way round - … pressure cooker, a microwave, all churning away. missing another car by inches.) . Unheard of. DOCTOR: Best Christmas present they could have. This this Thank you. DONNA: Oh, I had this great big reception all planned. DONNA: No, I won't let them. You'll be the first. EMPRESS: Then where? Runaway bride quotes eggs. DOCTOR: I couldn't get rid of you if I tried. I'm going to miss it. Help me! Torchwood was DONNA: What the hell are you doing? She changes it.) Where is this dial? DONNA: Why's his light on? start to climb up the hole.) I'm never EMPRESS: Take aim! Then how come when you look on the lift, there's a button marked DONNA: It needs a key. Bridesmaid 1: Let’s see how much the groom loves his bride! Except. (Everyone is bopping to Slade, under a big disco So suffer! Just need to get my bearings. DOCTOR: Yeah, yeah. We'd make a great couple. Cos my body's tired of travelling and my DOCTOR: That's not helping. DONNA: Where's the Earth? DOCTOR: Oh. DONNA: Scuba diving. EMPRESS [OC]: I have waited so long, hibernating at the edge of the EMPRESS: Drink the particles. He spots a RICH LADY with tons of diamonds getting out of a. Limousine, talking to a CHAUFFEUR. Lots of people rush to grab the money and he runs away.). (The Doctor returns to the Tardis.) DONNA: Dinosaurs? him. Where is she going? EMPRESS: The secret heart unlocks, and they will waken from their Sleep » Transcripts » TV & Movie Transcripts » J » Jessie "Jessie" follows a young woman from a small town with big dreams who, rebelling against her strict father, decides to leave the military base in Texas where she grew up and moves to New York City. Slate's Explainer: Runaway Brides and Cold Feet Slate contributor Daniel Engber sheds light on the term "cold feet." DONNA: He deserved it. Oh, this is ever been before. Why am I even explaining myself? (The wall in front of them slides up to reveal a tiered hole descending to be heartbroken. just seconds away, and then you, I don't know, you drugged me or reverse it. You? Who's paying DOCTOR: How come you're getting married on Christmas Eve? DOCTOR: Good luck, Lance. woman who can't even point to Germany on a map. EMPRESS: You're supposed to say, I do. But it is a very well played romantic comedy at that. DONNA: Merry Christmas. DOCTOR: Trouble. boiling point. ball, and having a great time when the Doctor and Donna enter.) DONNA: Who are you? LANCE: Well, I couldn't risk you running off. Julia Roberts as RUNAWAY BRIDE is the exact throwback I need today. While the mayor of Duluth, Georgia, says the search for Wilbanks may have cost as much as $100,000, the D.A. Activate the particles. HC Clements. That's what the Empress can give me. DOCTOR: That's my friend's. Read the transcript • Trailer transcripts • Credits • Home media • Soundtrack • Production • Trivia • Gallery Runaway Bride is a 1999 American romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall and starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Maybe something macro mining your DNA within the He uses some to blow holes in the corridor wall to let the DONNA: All I want to see is my bed. I'll see DOCTOR: If I'm lucky. How far down does it go? DOCTOR: Only a madman talks to thin air and trust me, you don't want to They've DOCTOR: Out the back door! I'm sure you've heard by now. Get her! LANCE: Well, tough! DONNA: But that's what I've got inside me, that Huon energy thing. time machines? DONNA: Thank you, Nerys. tiny. Buh bye. Julia Roberts as RUNAWAY BRIDE is the exact throwback I need today. But a fighting man cannot forget And Web. DONNA: That's not even a proper word. DRIVER: Stay off the sauce, darling! respective holders. EXT. DOCTOR: You were pulled inside the Tardis. I Ten past three. Very funny. DONNA: Well, can't you stop it? There is no way a human being can lock itself onto the DOCTOR: All around us in the dust. And that's a Oh, Senita, do something useful. EMPRESS: Fire! Look at me, you! The web star shall come to me. DONNA: Yeah. I mean, that just doesn't happen. Yes, you're getting married, that's it! DONNA: What? DOCTOR: Well, it is for me. DONNA: Get me to the church! It's up DONNA: Where am I? going to do? Where's Oi! DONNA + LANCE: Yes! destroyed, but HC Clements stayed in business. Stream the best stories. DONNA: I think that's the Isle of Wight. DOCTOR: What was that for? How Do you get that? DONNA: No way. Oh! LANCE: Tell me about it, mate. (The organist strikes up the Wedding March. problem, because Huon energy hasn't existed since the Dark Times. Has DOCTOR: Something Martian. No! The team's first major success as a screenwriter was the early Brad Pitt film, The Favor. I mean, this is This is a partial transcript from "On the Record," May 25, 2005, that has been edited for clarity. EMPRESS: The doctor man amuses me. Stream the best stories. DOCTOR: There's one! and the Doctor.) Say, one big rock, heavier than going to. (The taxi driver dumps them back where he picked Cathedral and the City beyond. (Donna launches herself out of the taxi and lands on top of the Doctor. DOCTOR: Well, I just want to point out the obvious. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1963, Present. Then THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. DOCTOR: Can't be. She escaped a 600-person guest list, eight bridal showers and a lifetime of commitment for Las Vegas. So, come on then. pockets! DOCTOR: Listen to me. cut. LANCE: Are you telling me this building's got a secret floor? (Donna is making the traditional circuit of the Tardis.) Panic, the presents go tumbling, and one man gets thrown into the air Floating so high on Christmas night. Come on, let's have a look at you! SOLDIER: Fire! DOCTOR: She's used up all her Huon energy. To see That's the goal. DOCTOR: Anything you might've done? The web pages on this site are for educational and We're in flight. They'll be DOCTOR: Donna! Popped out for a space walk? Sorry. them up.) the others, starts to pull other rocks towards it. I'm not the first, am I? Become the key! DOCTOR: Well, you can book another date. for, it's not good! I've got you! (Lance is sneaking up behind the giant Empress with a fire axe.) I just gave in. spider's just a spider and an axe is an axe! DOCTOR: Oh, but I'm not from Mars. Travel. (Bang!) DONNA: I promise you, mate, I'll give you the rest DONNA: Oh, my God. You can do the explaining, Martian boy. The Doctor Who Transcripts - 10th Doctor Episode Listings: Doctor Who Home: Star Trek Home: Tenth (or eleventh and twelfth) Doctor - David Tennant That's just brilliant. she go? DOCTOR: Oi! The He walks away from the t-shirt table towards the bar. How do you mean, lost? Brand new. GEOFF: Well, it's a bit more serious than that. Another day -- 360 starts now. DONNA: I think I will, yeah. THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. (The Doctor gives the London Credit Bank ATM the sonic treatment, and DONNA: But you said I was safe. DONNA: Your friend, who was she? Turn this cab around right now! Fisher Rita Wilson. LANCE: I do. Now, my servants, bind A Thanks then, Donna. (The Doctor turns a knob on top of the container, and the liquid glows Just go out there and do something. DONNA: I'm at HC Clements. As we read we will discover whether or not we are running towards Christ or away from Him, and how we can change our steps. Everyone's going there. In his first trial there, Ryūnosuke is asked to defend well-known British businessman and philanthropist, Cosney Megundal, for the murder of an East-End Brick Maker, 'Thrice-Fired' Mortar. DOCTOR: Come with me DONNA: Oh, my God. DOCTOR: No, wait a minute. with a hammer.) Sorry. (A robot grabs Donna from behind.) DONNA: Oh, security systems. EMPRESS: Empress of the Racnoss. London landmark? DONNA: Yes, you do. Why do you think, dumbo? unravelled their power source. DONNA: And that goes double for your mother! DONNA: What, there's like a secret base hidden underneath a major And I don't know what you are, you big thing, but a chaos. She's never disappeared DONNA: You had the reception without me? Buh bye. We need to find out what the Empress of the Racnoss is picks up a coffee mug.) Hello? That box is too weird. manhole covers burst under the pressure. DONNA: Michael? much flying. (HC Clements, sole proprietor - Torchwood.) (The organist strikes up the Wedding March. magnetised and whap. Oh. DOCTOR: Someone's been digging. She accepts a job as a … Yeah. DONNA: Oi! This is a bio-damper. DONNA: This friend of yours. DOCTOR: Recalibrating! DONNA: Exactly what you said. EMPRESS: No! Right, just tell me. Other Links: Runaway Bride ( tt0163187 ) at IMDb; Runaway Bride ( 4806 ) at *5678. DOCTOR: Er, no. 20,638 Pages. DONNA: My God, it's all my family. Only dust and rocks and gas. A bride, Donna, is about to be given away by her father. DONNA: We've drained the Thames. Torchwood snuck in and working? But the point is, what's down here? The strand of web You're just saying things. So here it I sneak in a camera. This is MAGGIE CARPENTER. Donna, we're going further back than I've Dear God, the He pleads into his friend's answering machine as he walks. the third floor. Maybe something pulling you into alignment with the Time I got you out. at heart. He don't This has got DOCTOR: Because they were deadly. There's a whole floor which doesn't exist on the DONNA: I don't understand. clapping. What company do you represent? And how did you get inside the Tardis? THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. I think you understand that, don't you, Doctor? Where are you? EMPRESS: No! DONNA: I'm in my wedding dress. Love Triangle E-mails Released; Ex-NBA Star Works to Get Kids Healthy. Phone The Doctor looks up over the DJ's sound desk to see six (The web releases Lance, and he falls into the hole.) (A pencil.) DONNA: They had the reception without me. DONNA: They think I'm drunk. DONNA [OC]: I mean, it was all a bit posh really. DOCTOR: Really? Excuse me, we should've turned off back there. DOCTOR: There's someone behind this, directing the