Also I'm actually going to watch every movie posted here :). So I decide to change and then each time I see it I checked myself. Listen now Only movie I can cry from really. I felt the same about 500 days of Summer. Pursuit of Happyness - I was stuck in a job I hated. Here is a list of some phenomenal movies which will make you think, and will most definitely inspire you to look at life from a renewed perspective. The movies run the gambit from BAMBI to THREE … I had never seen a movie like it. It's been ~6 years since I first saw that film (seen it at least 10 times since) and still not a week goes by I don't think about it. That movie is just so inspiring. 4 years ago. Hi! What is a movie that has changed your life? N i k i t a There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars Follow 5077 Hearts. One of my favorite movies of all time! But thinking that my mom was dead for hours was life changing. It was so different than anything I'd seen. With Amazon’s Audible you get 2 audiobooks for free. I can't imagine the person I'd be without them. One of the best endings ever. The best film I have watched and probably ever will watch, it shaped my views on so much afterwards and introduced me to Darjeeling tea. That's pretty life changing, right? 491 Unsplash Being the pop-culture obsessed freak that I am, cinema has played an important role in shaping my life. WhatCulture Recommended for … Films can have the power to change you in ways you didn't expect and that's what I love about cinema. It has been six months since Laida Magtalas won the heart of her prince charming Miggy Montenegro and it has been nothing but good. Hey guys, its been a while has it not, back again with another video just something I thought would be a nice fun thing to do on the channel. It explores 30 directors’ love of a film they saw at a particularly formative moment, how it influenced their own works, and how it made them think differently. This is a little list of movies that I saw and found amazing, in very different ways. The movie that inspired filmmakers to direct is like the atomic bomb that went off before their eyes. Everything about it was different from everything I'd seen before. Best decision ever. I really feel like my respect for filmmaking as an artistic medium exists because of my initially exposure to Malick films. THE INSTANT ENEMY by Ross Macdonald. The Fountain helped me deal with the loss of a loved one and ultimately turn my life around. The question or assignment that editor, David Rosenberg, gave twenty writers about twenty years ago was--"What was a movie that you remember really affecting you when you saw it as a kid? They're all memories. Made me start searching for more movies that might be different. Most of them just got stuck in my head for days and days, I couldn't stop thinking about them. The film that changed my life: David Leland The director and writer talks to Jessica Hopkins about Elephant, a sparse but powerful film about the Troubles in Northern Ireland Published: 7:05 PM "Weirdly enough, 'Matilda' changed my life. Cookies help us deliver our Services. When I first saw this, I was like "Damn this guy (Tom) is exactly me, how cool". Archived. Find it, watch it again and write an essay." This movie is one of my favorite movies ever. Soon enough, I was a deep thinker when it came to film. This summer I plan to watch around 100 movies or get as close to that number as possible. Is it worth checking out if I've already seen most of Wes Andersen's later movies? So I kept watching it because it really felt like it was me in the movie. May 16, 2018 December 13, 2020 - by Ricky Rodrigues. Thanks! I would compare my actions/thoughts, between the time I last saw it and the current time, and see if they've changed at all. Not the best movie and has many flaws, but as a guy who grew up with my dad teaching me how to skip rocks and play ping pong, I cried my eyes out from some of the scenes. The Darjeeling Limited. What must-watch, life changing movies am I missing? 10. 10 Movies That Will Change Your Life. The Most Life-Changing Books. I'm in a strange place in my life right now, and this helped at least a bit. In this special episode of "Movies That Changed My Life," IMDb's Founder and CEO, Col Needham joins Ian de Borja to discuss and rank their top movies and TV shows of 2020.Keep an eye out for Season 2 of "Movies That Changed My Life," dropping early 2021. The movie made me stop and re-evaluate my life. It just really woke me up and made me think about everything in the world in a much different way. Anomalisa was amazing. The Movie That Changed My Life is one of those books that the reader immediately feels like participating in. I was hoping Reddit could fill me in on any movies that you still think about to this day and you demand be on the list. Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet. It's an absolutely moving film with such a beautiful score. I watched this with my ex the night before we broke up. Just anything that really affected your life positively. 9 Movies That Have Changed My Life And not for the reasons you might think. It's the film that showed me that movies could truly be art in a very spiritual and profound way, and set me on the path to being a filmmaker. Quit job the I hated. We brought, in this Top 10, films that make the viewer reflect on various concepts of his life. I dont shop from GAP, care about how i dress, and never use straws to drink alcohol. After seeing that, I started getting into films. If you're looking for insights into film, look elsewhere, for not only is the focus not on the movies, the films these authors do pick to discuss are mostly obscure. The Movie That Changed My Life is one of those books that the reader immediately feels like participating in. Back to the Future, the movie that opened up my love for movies and why I want to make movies. You get to keep your audiobooks even if you cancel. 5 Books/Movies That Changed My Life. Each subsequent time I saw it, I realized more and more that I don't want to be like Tom, he's a sad sad dude. It also changed how I viewed my stepdad, who was cold and often cruel, but I saw him cry like a baby. I feel you though, Scorsese has a knack for portraying NY. With that in mind, I present to you a list of eight movies that will change your perspective on life. They're all memories. I've done my research and managed to compile 76 movies. However far my creative endeavors go, I will always be chasing what Tarkovsky managed to do in that film. I found the film to be a disappointment, not completely understanding Chris McCandless. Sounds like New York treated you better than the movie depicted it would. Ended up watching it with my dad after building up some courage and it was one of those moments you just don't forget with your dad. I asked for a red wagon for Christmas, I got it, and started pulling all my books around in it throughout my apartment. Mine is The Shining. Now i'm not spiritual in any way, but the sheer authenticity of Malick's approach to the subject felt so sincere that I feel like I can finally understand what people are talking about when they speak about there religious beliefs. Never cry Wolf, Cloud Atlas, American Beauty. Charlie Kaufman you beautifully talented bastard, always making me feel things! Wait Charlie Kaufman wants to do a show on FX? 10 Relaxing Games to Play Online to Help Chill You Out. I lived there for eight years and met my wife there. The acting was phenomenal, the atmosphere was amazing, the tension was extremely high, the music added to the experience wonderfully, the writing was perfect, and the symbolism and mysterious implications were mind-blowing for me. There were scenes where she would carry a whole bunch of books around in her red wagon, and for some reason it made me obsessed with reading and eventually writing. We try to list works that, regardless of their optimistic view or not, always leave a question in the air about everything that has been shown. Trending in Lifestyle 1 20 Best Guided Meditations for Sleep and Insomnia 2 How to Fall Asleep Fast and Have a Restful … The whole experience of the town cleaning up after the tornado, knowing some kids who had died, knowing people who had lost everything, would have been an important event no matter. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It hit home really hard. Like the whole “savor every moment” thing. You can listen online or offline. Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Jerry Garcia - The Movie That Changed My Life - Duration: 7:45. acidpalace Recommended for you. Also, Office Space is a guilty pleasure I turn to when I need a laugh after a bad work day. After watching The Tree of Life, I was able to perceive spirituality from a perspective unclouded by condescension. Each film on the list is visually and thematically unlike most that you have probably seen, and each offers a unique perspective on their respective themes. One, maybe 2 movies on the list are good, but that’s really only for people in the US, under 25, lacking any real life experience, and holding to a much different definition of what constitutes a movie that will fundamentally change me. 10 Most Inspiring Movies Of All Time - Duration: 7:15. Same. I’d say American Beauty should be up there for me, but I haven’t really changed my life directly because of it. Find it, watch it again and write an essay." I went to see it at a local theater in eighth grade, not really knowing what to expect. You? Not the best movie and has many flaws, but as a guy who grew up with my dad teaching me how to skip rocks and play ping pong, I cried my eyes out from some of the scenes. Came here to say this. I named my daughter Clementine because of this movie. I'd already been a Shakespeare fan, and had seen most of the film adaptations, but his Hamlet made me appreciate the wonder of Shakespeare, and cinema in general, to a whole new level. 6 Movies that changed my life. Loved Eternal Sunshine. Less on "the movie" part and more on the "that changed my life" part, these essays are basically a series of memoirs about the various authors' childhoods. I've not heard anything about this, that guy is my favourite writer working today I'd kill to see him do tv. Friday Night Lights is a movie that came out in October of 2004. They can make you think out of box. These movies will change your life. I had never seen anything like it. Unforgiven made me reconsider everything I liked about movies. The question or assignment that editor, David Rosenberg, gave twenty writers about twenty years ago was--"What was a movie that you remember really affecting you when you saw it as a kid? It was what I saw of myself, my life, my world in those final moments, and what new possibilities now seemed open to me, that allowed this movie to change my life so many years back. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts!. Can't say I fully understand the whole thing but it was a really enjoyable viewing experience. Report Save. We all have that one special movie that stays with us because it opened a doorway into something bigger than just the movie itself. 35 Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Posted by 1 year ago. I sat in the front row for it, and I was absolutely blown away. "A three-inch memory foam mattress pad made my back feel soooooo good," wrote one Reddit reader. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is probably the number one movie that changed my life cause it turned me to my biggest inspiration Charlie Kaufman and I've seen every one of his films and I think he's amazing and I loved Anomalisa this past year and i wish fx would have give him the go ahead to make his show. It didn't necessarily have a huge impact on my life, but it made me think about breakups in a different way than before. Girls enter the FBI to fight criminals, scientists find inspiration in fantasy stories, hunters drop their trade, and millions of men suddenly start dreaming of fit blondes in red swimsuits, which until recently was considered conservative against the backdrop of bikinis. May 08, 2018. 100 Life Changing Films by HarryRidgway | created - 17 May 2013 | updated - 09 Mar 2018 | Public The films selected are prime examples of what cinema can … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It reminded me that painful breakups and relationships are a part of life, and to lose the memories of them would be to lose a part of who we are. Charlie Kaufman you beautifully talented bastard, always making me feel things! Here are Top 18 Bollywood movies which will change your perception towards life and giving a whole new dimension to your thoughts. A good movie spreads ideas, teaches something new, and imposes its own values. After Hours. 3. share. *Edit: Also movies that made you a better person. It really hit home for both of us, and we didn't think it would be so bittersweet. The movies run the gambit from BAMBI to THREE … Jade Genga 2021-01-12T17:40:46+00:00 January 12th, 2021 | Articles By Burt | Comments Off on 5 Books/Movies That Changed My Life. Only movie I can cry from really. Fight Club. It is a movie based on the city of Odessa, Texas and its high school football team the Permian Panthers. 'Stalker' by Andrei Tarkovsky. This movie is one of my favorite movies ever. Read about the 5 influential movies and books that impacted writer Burt Weissbourd. Watching the movie Friday Night Lights for the first time made me change my view on the valuable life lessons and memories that come along with playing high school football. Can you please elaborate how since its mentioned three times in this thread? 53 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend. I love the cinematography and the general points of the plot, but god it would be such a stronger film without the terrible product placement. One of my favorite movies of all time! Also has an amazing soundtrack that conveys the feeling of the movie even when you're just listening to it :). Watched it at a low point in my life, and it certainly contributed in helping get me back up to doing the things I've been meaning to do. You Changed My Life (2009) G 02/25/2009 (PH) Drama, Romance 1h 51m User Score. I saw it in high school and decided I needed to move to New York city based on that film - and I did. 21 Inspirational Documentaries That Will Change Your Life. level 2. Kayla Martin. The Best, Life-Changing Movies Watched by democratic-pizza | created - 04 Dec 2013 | updated - 07 Nov 2014 | Public This is a movie list of movies that I've watched may not have the best plot line, soundtrack, directing, nor actors but movies which I think are just great and meaningful to me individually because of how it successfully made me see things in a different perspective in life. 3. share. ” 1. Advertisement . The way it looked, the way it sounded, the way the characters talked, the way the actors acted. What is a movie that has changed your life? 25 Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life by harrismcteyd | created - 12 Sep 2015 | updated - 17 Oct 2016 | Public Movies can inspire. I've always loved movies, everything from violent exploitation films to subtle art films but I usually digested them as either light entertainment or surface level intellectualism. The Film That Changed My Life captures that epiphany. After watching it a second time years after my most life changing break up, it really made me realize that even though some are bad.