Each episode is an exploration of a world-class chef. FoodTruckBooking picked 6 Netflix documentary series which capture different kinds of food, food culture and passion across the world. While this Netflix food documentary is now eight years old, it’s truly a must-watch. It first aired on the BBC before being snapped up by Netflix. The official description of “Rotten” is as follows: “Local farming is fading as profit margins decide what food makes it to our plates. In this documentary series Salerno’s a major presence in the Netflix series too, though his emotions are much more closely guarded. Perhaps the longest-running food documentary series on Netflix, the Emmy-nominated Chef’s Table takes gourmet food to a whole new level. This documentary series, Salt Fat Acid Heat, follows chef and food writer Samin Nosrat as she travels the world and finds out the four elements that make food … With Rotten, Netflix's new food-focused docu-series, brought to you by the folks behind Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, the shocking revelations arrive like a punch to your gut. published : 15 Jan 2021 at 04:00. BY: MACKENZIE HANNUM As some of you may already know, in January, Netflix released a new 6-part documentary centered on the food industry. Read More: Best Serial Killer Documentaries on Netflix. This one’s self-explanatory. The latest and newest netflix documentary series cover murder cases, cooking, foods from around the world, sports, and science. Netflix is about to launch a new documentary series and it’s all about street food. There have been several spin-offs as focusing on cuisine in different countries like Spain and France as well as the latest spin-off, Chef's Table: BBQ, that hones in on chefs who have made barbecue food … ), which goes deep into supposedly-simple cuisine and shows how food can be a political, culturally-illuminating product as much as a … One of the newest food documentary series to debut on Netflix is Street Food, the first season of which embarks on a culinary journey through Asia. The show's first season was released on Netflix in January 2018, and the second season in October 2019. But “Rotten,” Netflix’s latest documentary series, picks a decidedly more relatable topic: the very food we consume. The new Netflix documentary series Rotten exposes the fraud, […] The acclaimed documentary series looks at royal influences on regional Indian food, whether in terms of dish origins, or recipes that are under the lock and key of fading aristocratic families. Rotten is an award-winning investigative documentary series produced by Zero Point Zero, focusing on corruption in the global food supply chain. A landmark documentary series comprised of three compelling stories regarding the hunt for the last remaining Nazi war criminals. Netflix has it. (Photo by Courtesy Netflix) The 58 Best Netflix Documentaries and Docuseries. We have been recommending you documentary films to watch on various streaming platforms, but for a deeper study of a particular subject, makers sometimes choose the path of documentary series. Mega Food (2013) This unique documentary series gives us a peek into some of the most unique kitchens in the world. From single-serving feature films to binge-worthy series, these are the best Netflix original documentaries of 2019. Among them, the first episode is about the biggest pub in Australia. Netflix's first original documentary series, this one premiered back in 2015 and is still going strong. Netflix. 4. This food documentary series takes you on a journey to explore the phenomenon that is street food. We’ve also found the best Netflix movies and Netflix shows if you’re looking for more things to watch on the platform. Ever since Making A Murderer debuted in 2015, introducing the world to the Avery and Dassey families and defining what would make for water-cooler TV in the streaming era, Netflix has been pushing out compelling documentary series and documentary movies one after the other. 10 Food and Health Documentaries and Series to Stream on Netflix - One Green Planet ... and much of modern documentary food culture in the Instagram era. Last updated: June 10, 2020. Watch the series here on Netflix: Flavorful Origins Featuring Russell Peters, Chelsea Handler, Guillermo del Toro, and more, must-watch Netflix original docu-series include Five Came Back , Chef's Table , Making a Murderer , and Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness . WATCH ON NETFLIX. Add To Netflix Queue What The Health (2017) The series aims for a tableau of Los Angeles, 1985, rather than a serial killer mystery. Netflix Documentary Series: Cooked February 9, 2016 Explored through the lenses of the four natural elements – fire, water, air and earth – Cooked is an enlightening and compelling look at the evolution of what food means to us through the history of food preparation and its universal ability to connect us. The documentary follows his work and also profiles a voice that was, and still is, truly revered in the food writing industry. The new, six-part food documentary series on Netflix, Rotten, focuses on the least appetizing part of the food industry: corruption and the inhumane treatment of animals. reader; Netflix’s “Salt Fat Acid Heat” Is A Food Show For Actual Humans. 26. Food on the Go is a fascinating look at how even the most sacred dishes in food will always be changing and growing. Indulge in nine, 30-minute delicious episodes featuring street food vendors in Osaka, Japan; Chiayi, Taiwan; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, just to name a few of the cities spotlighted. Here are some food and health documentaries and series you can stream on Netflix while socially distancing. Richard Ramirez in Night Stalker: the Hunt for a Serial Killer. Expect stunning closeups of food, preparation and lots of eating, but more importantly, learn a whole lot about a cuisine you most likely have never heard of, tasted, or come close to. Flavorful Origins comes with a strong food porn rating. David Chang hosts this sloppy series (in a good way! Netflix's new documentary series, Surviving Death, has got everyone talking at the moment, as it delves into the age old question: 'What happens when you die?' The series is divided into episodes and each episode concentrates on one such unique event. Sometimes the right chef, the right idea, the right food and the right passion can light the fire to get started with a food truck. Check out some of the best documentary series available on Netflix. Netflix Documentary Series: Cooked Explored through the lenses of the four natural elements – fire, water, air and earth – Cooked is an enlightening and compelling look at the evolution of what food means to us through the history of food preparation and its universal ability to connect us. Are you an ambitious foodie who wants to start a food truck? Want to watch a head chef berate a local cook? Samin Nosrat’s new food documentary series is a curious mix of luxury and gravitas, swirled together with unfettered joy. Netflix's best food for thought series for kids. Food and Travel Rotten (2019-Present) Ugly Delicious: Netflix Previews Food Documentary Series (Video) by Regina Avalos, February 8, 2018 Netflix' latest culinary documentary series Street Food will feature four food hawkers from Yogyakarta to represent Indonesia in its upcoming first season which will be premiered on Apr. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best food and cooking shows on Netflix to binge right now.