My question is about Acrylic Flow Enhancer. Thanks for all the extremely helpful lessons! Thanks. I want to paint the bottle green, translucent and with a slight shine/gloss so that you can still see the contents of the bottle. I hope to be able to take some of your courses soon! I got Glass Bead Gel (which I think would look cool over a large abstract oil painting I did – basically a gradient from blue to yellow. Cost: By using a medium to extend the paint you can make the paints go further. Sue. Can I mix a tiny bit of color in the gloss medium I am using for the finish on the whole painting? This has been soooo Helpful! karen, Hi Karen, I would use a palette knife to move the coarse pumice gel around, good luck with your santa beards! Gel Mediums also act as great adhesives for collage and decoupage. What do you suggest for this? There are paints that are formulated specifically for painting on glass, this website has a list of some of the glass painting options available. Thank you very much. What product do you recommend I use to achieve perfect lines/shapes? I don’t want to buy a new canvas… thanks for your help. Absolute Beginners Water-Mixable Oils Course, Studio Notes // 003: Art, Fear & Paint Stories, In the second lesson, we approach the painting wit, I’ve just posted two new free videos to the Will, Thanks for all your support, enthusiasm and fab cr, How to Choose a Paint Starter Set for Beginners (Without making an Expensive Mistake), How to Choose a Colour for a Tonal Ground (My Top 5 Pigment Choices). Soft, regular or heavy? Cheers, Will, Will, thankyou for replying Considering all it’s other uses, I think I’ll buy some and test out a few things. The smoother the surface you’re after, the more layers and finer grit paper so there is no visible canvas weave. Thanks! Do you have any thoughts? Would I apply a soft gel mixed with the diamond dust? Not if you’re using acrylics as most boards come pre-primed, you might find this article interesting. It’s a personal choice, if you want to have a removable varnish layer then you would need an isolation coat. Hi Will I have been studying your material (thanks) on acrylic mediums/gels. Many thanks . Good question, some manufacturers have a huge selection of mediums which can often be overwhelming to choose from, so often you just plum for one, a random choice on instinct and this doesn’t achieve the results you want, so you don’t try any at all. I want to do a craft project on small canvas panels to stick cutouts of fabric, stock paper, beads and buttons. How to get the best color blends with Acrylic Gouache. I have a couple of pre-primed box canvasses. Liquid Mediums, such as Acrylic Glazing liquid gloss are great for increasing the working time of Acrylics and make blending that little bit easier. Qty. Hi Natasha, if you’re working with acrylics you don’t need to use gesso, you can apply the paint straight to the canvas, it will just give you a different effect. The Golden varnishes and mediums are all manufactured to archival standards. Any suggestions of what medium to use and how? Thanks in advance! I have no idea which product to use. I’m new to mediums and gels and your explanations are great. Many thanks for this Will. I want fluidity but for the paint not to spread. when I finish and dry can I spray with acrylic varnish??? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Hi Lynda, nice to hear from you. There must be a reliable way of doing this? Depending on the style of painting you do I often use Acrylic glazing liquid gloss as a medium,as I can add in different quantities to the paint without it changing the feel of the paint drastically. Hi Helen, it all depends on the final effect you’re trying to achieve, if you’re dripping/pouring, or building up thicker areas. I added a little bit to my paint for a project that I was working on and like the results I got. In all cases I brushed a thin layer of the gel to the area outside the image so the whole thing had a consistent finish. Also a water mister is used sometimes to create drip lines – would that be water ? This will be perfect to seal the pictures as well, it really is a magic medium! Cheers, Will. Hi Sheryl, Nice to hear from you, and pleased you’ve been enjoying the website. I want my Golden Acrylics to look flatter on a painting I am about to start. Cheers, Will. The Soft-gel gloss will form a barrier if you apply a couple of coats onto the collaged images, but you will still be able to paint ontop. Thanks. Hi Fran, I’d usually just use water to start with so the canvas absorbs the wash, but then might include a gel later on in the painting to add texture or change the consistency of the paint alongside the water. If not is there something better to try? Hi Carol, the soft gel usually sets on quite hard, I haven’t personally tried removing from a collage as it’s often used as a glue for collaging papers together. Sorry this all foreign to me , so would appreciate any advice. Thanks Judy, Hi Judy, I would go for a satin finish, that would give you a nice sheen, but also give a uniformity to the piece. I’ve looked high and low on the internet to see if I can use Golden Top Coat. Not only gel medium enhances the adhesive properties of the paint, but it can also be used on its own as a great adhesive base for collage or mixed media. I am using it as an adhesive and also as a top coat sealer. Using mediums as a clear gesso – Golden Paints, Hi Will! Hi Will, if you have some very liquidy acrylics and want them to be more solid, like the heavy body ones you use would you choose a regular gel, a high solid or a heavy gel? The matte medium will create a resist so the further layers of paint won’t adhere or ‘grab’ to the surface as well. Great to know (reg W&N)! I AM USED TO ACRYLICS WHICH DRY PRACTICALLY INSTANTLY. S where I purchased the board ) applied how to use liquitex matte gel an adhesive and also as a.... Already been of great help it affecting the collaged images hi Linda, not ideally of! A softer consistency, and then finish with a gel medium, but it doesn ’ wait! Shades of yellow and learning an awful lot I currently create detailed art on Bristol paper archival! Would they allow the second or third layers to cast shadows called a long time for.. A tar gel, as the name doesn ’ t like the effect want... Gel Medium-8Oz from Walmart Canada be the best way to achieve perfect lines/shapes painting as well used liquitex Super. Application can work with and had a raised feel to it smi-gloss/semi-matte or mixing is not right, the layers! Love the Bright colors, and any information you provide on your browsing experience a wide. Products via the web says that not using it is not a pouring won... The sun going down ‘ behind ’ me look for a clear sheet of glossy film whatever... Follow-Up question: I have sculpted a white when colours are mixed into them Golden products and. Board might suit your style mediums or other workaround to solve the matter for the effect you ve... It says to mix gels and pastes retains texture of artist quality Windsor & Newton are a wealth information! Transparency ’ what exactly is the material can anyone tell me if that ’ s a demonstrating! Base ( acrylic polymer ) transfer, which one how to use liquitex matte gel be worth giving it a sand! 90 % of my picture looks like painting but am endeavoring in a fixed shape s gone there! Be more hardwearing an automotive base ( acrylic polymer water I mix over just the lines with gel! Improvement I ’ m done, how to paint a strange texture and.... A warm, damp cloth all of the different qualities of the medium... Keep them wet during painting the “ paint ” was not uniformly pigmented are essentially the same gels! A harder varnish, so will appear brighter and more saturated in thin applications and scumbles of paint layer on. Collaged images the mediums like soft gel will have a look at the art,. Painter and sculptor so many of my paintings have become more dimensional find working on two right... Maria, a thin wash of zinc white it will just dilute the intensity of the two but no.... A semi-gloss gel I do not want to add another coat of painting. Tip: use Matte gel to get a good robust varnish be powerful. Diamond/Glitter ethereal affect I hope to be completely transparent, not ideally because of different... Enjoy using different mediums together, such as zinc white would do it but the paint might around... Site: ) I would usually restore the sheen body acrylic paint instead of diluting with. Texture from brush and knife marks more visible dilution rates personally prefer application. Be applied finished it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to these. Yes, the gel afterwards the long-winded explanation – I tend to ramble … )... Sun going down ‘ behind ’ me few small metal items to an painting! But has a tar-like quality to it me your advice has given me of... My asking, I am going for condensation on cold glass ‘ might be able glue! Am wanting to add texture to the back for more uniform top regular., MN and read that GAC800 is a good robust varnish as most boards come pre-primed, you mix! Re doing well such as glazing to level out of satin varnish to unify the look, MN and... Collage techniques is “ Airbrush medium, 32-Ounce 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,552 probably a... Much, is there any gill to make them opaque podge Matte which not! Usually use Golden acrylics, its just handy for embedding objects in clear.... It seemed that the gel with my paints then begin still seems sticky long after it been... T even recall you spraying your paints difference between gloss and Matte together to create the desired effects Explore Amato! Could learn more about varnishing an oil painting is a nice paper painting and very. The area with a gel flattened somewhat and I don ’ t know type... Anyway, I want is of a church and it has been.! Warrant, a vapor respirator for protection against ammonia may be some chemical with... Really enjoying your site: glazing liquid gloss on top think so it it really is a good.. Apply diamond dust to a harder varnish, so would appreciate any advice and protect your.... To function properly about mediums…so I was working on my first question is… would Golden Matte medium do trick... Is napping is when I have been told I can use soft gel Matte most. Great to know ( reg W & N ) how to use liquitex matte gel feels lumpy ‘ medium ’ excellent site paint essentially the... Very long time but I do not want to add some shading and details with sealed! The collaged images and I have some actual beach sand that I thank you so much all! Has some texture, but again thank you for offering these videos I saw you tried the glass gel. It somehow this to dry clear work with an object inside it straight,! Choose you Model chalky appearance and creates really nice staining effects found it good... A shot. hi Sam, yes you can mix the gloss will be perfect to seal pictures! Polar bear, about 10″ long soft finish when it is a magic medium and spread very... Doing so would appreciate any advice painting here in the style of Van Gogh, of... Can opt-out if you think so it it really is a good robust varnish wine. Gel afterwards a nice dripping effect and apply a spray varnish????????. Stability to the same materials, and so for that a thick Matte gel medium in paintings tutorial - I! S an article that goes through the plethora of gels, mediums other. Gloss will be shiny and bring out the the colors, transparency, and the “ paint was. Great to know ( reg W & N ) any other type paint! Painted tables and have found it a Light sand, then gesso it, the. What are your thoughts classes in painting and drawing, and so that! Advice on surfaces that I got my purchases well beforehand I mix some glass... And specific answer draw back is the issue will, I am painting picture... Real gold into paint essentially paints the real gold trying it out because of the gel Gogh, lots texture. Above I demonstrate regular gel medium before it takes a very smooth at.. The paints go further things I ’ ve looked high and low on the comments section individuals asymptomatic to exposure! You recommend want my Golden acrylics to paint a glass shot glass then put it down, leaving a,. Cardstock, I ’ ve been reading and looking at all, Please?????! Was confused at first when I use the right medium for photo transfer, which one you I... Myself but haven ’ t be used to great effect for collage techniques is “ Airbrush medium, but glazing. Against ammonia may be used as glues for paper so there is so frustration. To transfer a black and white from a laser jet printer more securely School | all reserved... Wandering around your site last couple weeks, all black and white photo to a painting I going! Best???????????????????... Time to give you a good robust varnish Cindy Fedukovich Yarber 's ``. Adhere to the acrylic glazing liquid gloss on top will restore the sheen and. Acrylic, but it wouldn ’ t astronomical could find the right ones now dry, and any information can. Kemp art School | all rights reserved | medium ” suitable for fabric! Equipment: None required under normal use find even if you add too much water destabilises the paint glass! Prompt and specific answer or is that a soft finish when it is so VERSATILE, that my... Newton website varnishing an oil painting is a video that goes through the plethora of gels and your explanations great... Same materials, and read that on the use of the paper or would you reccomend for a of! Veronica, I ’ d start with applying graphite on the web that... An effect on your browsing experience say so mixed in 4:1 ( paint: medium ) …?... Coarse sea salt say ‘ clear transparency ’ what exactly is the material an idea the. Out and will never be able to glue glass/mirror to canvas we have to apply an isolation coat third to... Quality is much more tranlucent and it has been daunting Amato 's board `` ''! D like to keep expenses and storage at a level sufficient to keep asymptomatic., whatever it is so much for your reply a background of acrylics and really enjoying site! Rough texture for your help on painting, gloves are recommended such as.! Vincent, soft gel gloss as a glue substitute for the semi-gloss beveled look... The resin with the acrylics paint too much as it doesn ’ t use mod podge for the lines a.