... Well, here is a great doggy ramp that is portable, can fit on the top of a small car and best of all can be used in tidal areas due to its buoyancy which we will get into later. All totaled, this ramp cost us less that $32.00 including the carpet, the two closet shelves, the rubber shelf end plugs and the zip-ties. You can also spray the ramp with a hose to clean it up as needed. This wooden ramp takes just a few hours to construct. Chainsaw to cut the plywood. They can be particularly handy if you have a very tall bed, such as one 36 inches high. There’s no turf or grip tape, so there’s nothing that might peel or bubble from use or temperature. You’ll find a perfect pet-sized ramp or stairs to give your pet the independence you both want. youtube. That will allow both you and your dog to go up and down without having to constantly move the ramp. Capable of supporting up to 500 pounds – STURDY, STURDY, STURDY! It’s the only ramp here that is available in three different lengths, from 6 to 8 feet, so if you need a shorter or longer ramp to fit your vehicle the Goplus is a strong recommendation. However, the ramp itself only weighs 10 pounds, so it can easily be folded up and transported. There’s even a protective layer where the ramp makes contact with a vehicle to prevent scratching and other damage. Rubber Shelf End Plug. Starting at the top of the area you wish to help the dog reach, measure straight down to the ground to determine the height the ramp needs to be. Pet stairs definitely have their place and use. He was very organized and it was a treat to meet someone who had done such a good job with designing and building a functional ramp! Steps to follow when building a dog ramp for an outdoor setting.When you want to build a dog ramp that is suitable for use in an outdoor setting, it is probable that you will want to build a ramp that can withstand harsh conditions. They are, however, steeper and can be more difficult for dogs with hip and joint issues to navigate. Dog Indoor Ramp or Dog Ramp for Car Questions, 3/4 inch plywood, 12 x 48 inches (20 x 300 x 1220mm)*, Metal strip from an old whiteboard for the edges, A strip of rubber matting or outdoor carpeting to cover the board. Gen7Pets Natural Step Dog Ramp for Vehicles; PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp. It will relieve you from the worst feeling of watching your dog sitting on the ground in front of the SUV’s door. 2. Tape measure to measure the desired length and width on the plywood. Plus, this ramp is very sturdy and a great pick for those of you with large dogs. This is especially important if the ramp is meant for car use, as it must be easy to fold away and store in the car. 2″ x 2″ pieces of lumber for … For those with larger vehicles, the Goplus Pet Ramp in the 7- or 8-foot length is a good pick. Required Tools. Customers state it is sturdy and has good traction for dogs. So if you have a need for a car or a bed ramp for your dog… Our little dog is scared of the steps I bought... so I decided to build a simple ramp for her to get up onto the couch. It has the right combination of features and functionality that make it a top choice for most dogs and vehicles. But with those caveats, this is a really well-made ramp that many customers love. The ramp weighs 18.5 lbs and can be folded in half for easy storage. Step 1: Measure and cut the plywood. And because the ramp is essentially one-piece, it’s super easy to clean. You can use them as boat dog ramp or SUV dog ramp. When building a portable dog rampfor your car it is important to make sure that it is compact. The ramp also sets up quickly and folds down likewise for storage. You could probably use a longer, thinner board, say 3/8-inch thick plywood by 60 inches (10 x 1525mm)John used the snap hook to attach the board to a metal ring on the pickup floor that appeared when he opened the rear cab door. Specs: Open dimensions – 70 inches long x 17 inches wide. Ideally, you will want to make a ramp that fits in your trunk, to make this possible you will need to use hinges. Dog ramps for cars help larger dogs get in and out of vehicles. 2. Whether your dog is too big to lift, or you have mobility issues that make even picking up the tiniest dog difficult, a ramp is a wonderful thing. The heavy-duty plastic construction is built to stand up to use and support even large breeds. This design is specifically for indoor use, and is intended to help a dog get up onto a higher surface like a bed or couch. 1x5 sides – 2 @ 45 inches. There’s no reason to spend a bunch of money on a model that you use once or twice, only to decide that it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Specs: Open dimensions – 84 inches long x 15 inches wide. Some customers found the ramp a bit cumbersome and heavy, if you have a very tall bed, such as one 36 inches high, 72-inch length provides a gentler angle for walking up and down, 4-inch high side rails help keep your dog from accidentally sliding off, Least expensive of all the ramps reviewed here, Shorter length (62 inches) might make too steep an incline depending on your vehicle, Some customers with larger breed dogs say the ramp sags under weight, Most expensive and heaviest ramp of all reviewed here, Dogs with leg or joint issues that make it painful to use stairs, Elderly dogs or dogs with arthritis that may have trouble navigating stairs, Producing longer, gentler inclines that are better for such cases as getting into cars, Indoor use, where space is often a limiting factor, Helping your dog get onto your bed or couch. Stan, engineer-in-residence, has created two designs, dubbed the Dogge Ramp™ and the Dogge Bridge™ to help dogs that need a boost. She refuses to use them. Soft, stable walking surface provides good traction to prevent slipping and falling, Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats – 12 Cat-Friendly Dogs, Dog Training Platform – KLIMB Review (2019), Solvit PetSafe UltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp, Goplus Pet Ramp Portable Aluminum Folding Paw Safe Dog Ladder, Synthetic turf walking surface provides excellent traction and is gentle on dog’s feet, Some have complained about fingers getting pinched between the two sections as they open or close the ramp, Very light ramp that can be used by nearly anyone, Traction material on walking surface has a “sandpaper-like” feel that some customers say is too slippery for good traction. Let the adhesive set for a few minutes, then lay some scrap sticks perpendicular so you can place the carpet a section at a time (Image 4).