Things to do in Rijeka in winter

If you decide to visit Rijeka in winter months it is good to know that you have plenty of stuff to do and enjoy. From skating, skiing, swimming to some crazy local parties you will experience a completely different Rijeka but still very funny and interesting. Here is some things to do in Rijeka in winter time:

  1. First thing to do: Skating. When you’re in Rijeka center do not miss Skating rink  – located just a step from the sea it is usually open from early November till mid January. Great for kids of all ages and for adults as well. After skating session try “fritule”, local desert that looks like little ball. Try them with sugar or add chocolate topping. 
  2. Second thing to do: Skiing on mountain Platak. Did you know that you can ski near Rijeka? Only 40 km away you will find mountain Platak. It is a small but beautiful ski resort, perfect for children and adults. Just short drive from Rijeka this scenic resort is something worth visiting even if there is no snow. Why? Just because of beauty of the landscape and the fact that this is the only ski resort in Croatia with a sea view. Perfect place to warm up after ski session is a restaurant “Planinarski dom” with delicious homemade specialties such as wild meat gnocchi goulash and other healthy meat dishes. 
  3. Rijeka Advent – in period from late November till mid January many stands with souvenirs, domestic food and drinks can be seen along the Korzo street. During the sunny days many people will be sitting outside at the coffee bars sipping popular boiled wine, great beverage to boost your immune system.
  4. Wellness Opatija – indulge yourself with a hot stone massage or immerse your body in jacuzzi. Only 15 km from rijeka there is Opatija. Well know among the tourist and locals and for its health tourism Opatija has many hotels with spa facilities. The best ones are: Thallaso wellness, Ambasador, Adriatic and Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta

    Thallaso wellness

  5. New Year’s Eve – celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rijeka is a special experience and you definitely won’t be disappointed with choice of events. The most popular and free celebration is on Korzo street where is a stage with a live music playing by popular Croatian musicians. Some clubs and bars have closed doors until 2 am, but after that it is free entrance for everyone.

    New Year’s Eve Korzo

  6. Rijeka’s Carnival – one of the most visited Carnival in this part of Europe and every year during February or March and it’s getting more and more popular. Duration of colorful Rijeka’s Carnival is about 3 weeks but the last day is a craziest day with procession through Korzo street. It lasts all day and night and brings more than 100.000 visitors and have more than 15.000 participants each year. Everyone’s going crazy, even our Mayor who is wearing different costume every time and is handing over the keys of the City to Master of the Carnival for several weeks. For the latest updates about Rijeka’s Carnival visit: http://www.rijecki-karneval.hr/en/

    Carnival in Rijeka

  7. Food – enjoy the food and local drink boiling wine in various Rijeka’s taverns and restaurants. If you want lunch with a sea view, mountain view or the beach view, no problem. Rijeka has so many restaurants and bars with great view and great food. Some of them are: Loza – Kastav, Trsatika – Trsat, Molo Longo – Rijeka center, Mirage – Kantrida, Sorisso – Kantrida, Boonker – Center
  8. Shopping – some popular shops like Zara, New Yorker, H&M, Benetton, Galileo, can be found on Korzo street. However the best thing to do is to go to Tower center Rijeka. It is 5 level shopping mall in Rijeka’s quarter Pecine and it can be easily reached using the freeway D404 from Rijeka center. Great view of Rijeka is from the top of Tower center.

    Tower Shopping Mall Rijeka

  9. Winter swimming in the sea. Why not? In Rijeka and Opatija some people have tradition to swim even during the winter. There are men and woman ranging from age 20-90 who continuously go for a swim during the winter, every day, rain or shine, windy or snow. If you are very brave you can join them or if you’re like me, you can come to the beach and only watch them. Traditionally the swimming is held on 1st January in front of the hotel Jadran in Rijeka or every other day at the Pecine beach.

    Traditional swimming on 1st January

  10. One more thing to do appropriate in winter: Museums. Some of the most interesting museums in Rijeka are located near the center. Maritime and history museum: http://ppmhp.hr/en/      Museum of modern and contemporary art: http://www.mmsu.hr/Default.aspx?sec=16     Computer museum Peek&Poke: http://www.peekpoke.hr/welcome/

Peek&Poke Museum




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