probably over twenty times the number of food co-op storefronts. from his directory on this site. Its Phone (616) 623-5555 further questions until you have thoroughly searched the site. The long answer is: to really know what a  buying organic produce each week theu the growing season, Click last year all of the distributors we list were, themselves, co-ops owned by their the Food Coop Initiative took on We also offer groceries, supplements, sundries, ethnic foods, gifts and more. 473 Tatro We are your wellness resource with bulk foods, locally baked goods, fruits, berries, and vegetables fresh from local farms. When you invest in Hungry Hollow Co-op, you enhance the well-being of your community. 2 09 Newark Shopping Center. stewardship of the directory. This directory does not seem to be maintained lately. co-ops among people who knew little or nothing about the natural food co-op system. how they operate, etc.) We also deliver regional and organic … Please don’t contact us with Scroll down for more information. Fresh, organic fruit and veg and local produce – grown right here in the Blue Mountains. Cloud, MN 56303 Holiday Hours: Mon-Sun (8 am - 8 pm) Phone: 320-253-9290 Email: If you would like to try out our co-op, please text Tom at: 941-312-2947. in Vermont is a cooperative, intergenerational vegetarian camp in its 13th Of special interest is Craig’s who share the chores of collecting money from the member families, placing the order with collection of historical material can be found there --- it’s called the “Kris to everyone who has taken the time to keep the directory living and breathing. These informal associations and the more formal ones Our selection of gluten-free products is quite large. Any information you can provide about natural food Local FarmBag began when a small farmers market in downtown Savannah went on hiatus. leads to us. buying clubs. The Coop Directory Service is an online source of information Please appreciate that many buying clubs consider Our directory features more than 200 food co-ops across North America. Good Earth Food Co-op Centennial Plaza 2010 Veterans Drive St. A place for people who value healthy food, a healthy planet, and cooperation. We started with 12 members and have now grown to over 90 members providing 72 bins of produce. You'll also find CGN Associate Members, organizations that provide support to food co … HUNGER SITE. except that they are (generally) formal co-op corporations often with thousands of Use my location. Berkeley, CA 94709 In so doing, Kris fulfilled his special mission to promote food co-ops among people who knew little or nothing about the natural food co-op system. This camp $2.00. (510) 595-0873 Berkeley, (888) 708-CAMP (2267). It streamlines the office so you can focus on farming. We do know Your investment supports organic and biodynamic agriculture and helps meet your needs as a health-conscious shopper. We began our co-op in the spring of 2009. mission of teaching cooperation. With, as they say, a heavy heart we will provide links to these commercial warehouses as camp can be single, single parents, married, unmarried or same sex couples, roommates, Adults We are working together to provide our members with affordable, sustainable, organic, healthy, local and regional food and dry goods. that in the past Kris compiled and updated the information for Minnesota and Wisconsin. include: Mutual insurance companies (Invented by Ben Franklin This is a reprint of the 48-page grown). The library has a set of This website was initially designed by Tracy Lea Landis, "The Bisbee Food Co-op(BFC) began as a small natural foods store in the early 1970's which grew into a cooperative food market. Welcome to our website. They low cost healthy food primarily to members of their organization. FAX (616) 623-9054. If you know of anyone that is interested Sometimes they will take your name and pass it on to the Click Here for Co-Op … recommended that you join an existing club temporarily to “learn the ropes.”. If you can’t find one near you, then contact your regional Coop Distributor and ask them if they can give you information Our Home. Connect. organization composed of a group of individuals (or organizations) formed for their mutual More. If you know about natural food co-ops (what they are, foods kitchen. The corporation dissolved on 11/28/2011, and A familiar example is a group of roommates who rent an wave" co-ops, in the period 1960 – 1980. some differences – we have not been able to find the source of this data. Our Family. Become a Member. PMB  #415 1442-A Walnut All the You’ll always find something on sale at La Montañita Co-op, from fresh, organic produce to your go-to groceries. Otherwise, each of these coops are non-profit organizations formed by people to provide themselves private organizations that want to be careful about accepting new members. and with little or no additives or preservatives (much of this food is also organically Most have customer service representatives that are dedicated to servicing the needs of money, simplify your life or are just some of our favorites. Customer Order Pick-up. existing buying club. Look for one listed on the Coop supply their members/owners (including buying clubs and grocery stores) with food. club is requires knowledge of how it operates. Since 2013, the Data Commons Co-op has taken member/owners. That's when we decided to bring the farmers market to you. Keep up to date with changes in our stores due to coronavirus. FAX (802) 430-2667. Until reveals the intimate connection between this regional moment and the Russian Revolution   - the photo of the Red Star Chorus is worth the development of co-ops between 1900 and 1960,  the second covers the ”new It is sixty years old with a rich history and a whole This is a children's camp and a year round workshop/retreat center We stock everything you need to nourish and care for your family; from growing your own food to creating a healthy home. On Sale at La Montañita. What resources are available to help me do this? ”The National Coop Directory,” compiled the primary source. There are three types of natural food coops that CDS member/customers. large and your group is considering opening a store front (= co-op grocery store), you may Phone (218) 262-1350. Due to unbearable market forces one of them folded and two others sold In fact, if you want to start your own buying club it is highly 100% grass fed local meat, hormone- antibiotic free dairy products, grocery items, bulk nuts and seeds, personal care and much more. Shop our growing selection of organic nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, dried fruit, herbs and spices, wellness items, baking ingredients, and more. chronicle two periods of co-op history in the upper Midwest --- the first covers the early Cooperative Business Association, If your buying club grows very Another source was compiled by John STORE OPEN 9AM-9PM CO-OP GROCERY PICK-UP AVAILABLE 10AM-7PM AT-RISK SHOPPING HOURS- … Co+op, welcome to the table offers a store finder for their “virtual chain” of more than 200 independently operated food co-ops nationwide. George has graciously given his permission to use data Local. They all are democratic, volunteer associations. in 1752), Consumer goods co-ops (REI comes to mind). We are working together to provide our members with affordable, sustainable, organic, healthy, local and regional food and dry goods. ORIGINS AND LEGACIES The Note many of the distributors allow you to link to a Some other resources on starting buying clubs and The co-ops are affiliated with National Co+op Grocers, a cooperative organization that supports food co-ops across the country and shares their commitment to making the world a better place. to shop in these stores. Charming place --- not to be missed. Food - The Hidden Cost of Cheap Food, Learn more about Community Supported Agriculture (Hint: If has a large collection of source material on co-op history in Minnesota. about a buying club in your area. STOREFRONT Welcome to Sarasota’s Organic Produce Co-op! and his life-long effort to introduce people to natural food co-ops and assist them in starting buying clubs. The short answer is: a group of people who buy food grocery stores are available: The Coop Directory Service (CDS) is dedicated to the memory of Kris Stay Connected Join our 3500+ Member-Owners and community members who want to stay up to date on the latest sales, news, and much more! non-profit Corporation formed on 5/24/1999 under Chapter 317A of the Minnesota Statues. Everyone Welcome No Membership Required. legal name was "Cooperating Directory Service, Inc." The initial funding came from Barclay,  who maintained this directory, derived initially, from George's database. Kris’s estate. People at  more... Help us round out our database by contacting farmers or farmers' market managers in your area, and encouraging them to visit our site. The George Street Co-op is a non-profit natural foods store owned and run by its members.  year. socializing, and discussions about issues related to worker, housing, and consumer deals with: BUYING CLUBS - these are (generally) informal Web submissions have become an important source of fresh listings and updates to older ones. Crown O’Maine welcomes wholesale buyers to our network of independent, small to mid scale food producers from Maine. COOP GROCERY STORES – much like a buying club here to send free food to the hungry. We are a non-profit member supported organic food co-op in the Ft. Walton Beach area. co-op warehouse. The Savannah Food Co-op was formed by a group of families in May 2008. CSAware is the cream of the crop in CSA management software. The CDS is dedicated to promoting one form of consumer 8650 Mullen Road, Delton MI 49046-0751 History of a Cooperative Movement by Cy O’Neil   organizations of friends, members of church groups, etc. cooperatives. Newark, DE 19711. by Craig Cox  $20. Our Food. In the loosest sense, a co-op is any voluntary We appreciate your help spreading the word about LocalHarvest! We are currently distributing: information we have about co-ops is on this site. For more information on the various types of co-ops in in food coop information please feel free to pass on our e-mail address: Due to spam, the most reliable way to contact us is start buying clubs. you pay About $300 each spring to a member farmer you will get 1-2 shopping bags of * * * * * * * local buying clubs who may elect to contact you. Originally a worker's collective, People's has grown to include 6,000 feet of retail space and more than 12,000 member-owners. Thanks The Co-op offers an extensive selection of organic produce, grocery, dairy, bulk foods and herbs, as well as supplements, herbal tinctures, homeopathics, cruelty-free body care, and aromatherapy products. out to a private firm – the remaining two have not as of this writing, succumbed. the distributor, helping unload the truck when it arrives at the drop-off site and apartment together to save money. account of the co-op wars between the anarchists and the Communists for control of the want to contact the. long as they continue to support sales to co-op buying clubs. They are formed for mutual financial benefit (to save A registered peace site with the The Coop Directory Service (CDS) began a Minnesota in Northern Minnesota before the Russian revolution. In so doing, Kris fulfilled his special mission to promote food Note that the number of buying clubs in the US is At the Co-op we’re proud to sell good, clean food that doesn’t cost the earth. The Coop Directory Service (CDS) is dedicated to the memory of Kris Olsen (1946-1998) and his life-long effort to help people find natural food co-ops and start buying clubs. who buy food together from a food Membership not required, everyone is welcome! These buying clubs are a These are links to sites that may be help you save The Executive Director of CDS was Howard J. Hickman. Organic. (generally, financial) benefit. You may want to follow their procedures for locating and perhaps joining an We wish to thank Inez Olsen, Terry Hokenson Seward Welcome to the Co-op! *Produce - both local/seasonal and regional/national items not available locally Find a Co-op food store near me Town or postcode. This fascinating history Kris’s co-op, namely the natural food co-op. We are owned and operated by people just like you – neighbors, friends, colleagues, and members of the community willing to work together for the good of the community. Olsen (1946-1998) and his life-long effort to help people find natural food co-ops and discussed below all share a number of common features. For those with food alergies or restricted diets, we have a large selection of items available. Typically, they are composed of seven or more families, support of the CDS. The Savannah Food Co-op was formed by a group of families in May 2008. In addtion, for the many who want access to raw dairy milk, they can be co-owners of the farm property with their own deed to the land.There are few things better to own than land and a way to replenish your food. money or to increase buying power); in short, they are businesses. Community Grocery and Deli and Lakewinds Natural Food Co-op for their generous financial They have no owners other than their members. Cost-Consciousness, You Should Pay More For Your The Co-op will be closed through Sunday, January 17 9 A.M. – 10 A.M. – RESERVED for immune compromised, disabled, and elderly shoppers 10 A.M. – 8 P.M. – OPEN to the general public OFC's goal is to provide healthy organic food for our members at about 50% less than comparable grocery stores pricing. appreciated. for families, adults and progressive organizations. We offer produce, fruit, dairy, plant proteins, locally grown and milled grains, tofu, eggs, and specialty foods from Maine producers. revolution caused a split in its membership still present today. Kris had a database similar to George’s but with They welcome people of all ages, ethnicities, shades and lifestyles. article available from Don Olson Distributing (612) 724-2976. Opening times may change. We felt the need to continue connecting customers with our local farmers, but in a year round, more convenient way. Fare Share Food Co-op is your Main Street grocery store with local, natural, organic, healthy, and fresh food. It must be emphasized that you do not have to be a member of the food co-op very important source of business for the Coop Distributor. Cooperative Alliance sites. Online anytime - … We sell vegetarian foods with the greatest nutritional value possible, and only minimal processing or additives. The Minnesota Historical Society co-op grocery stores and buying clubs not listed here who wish to be listed will be much WHERE GOOD FOOD DOESN’T COST THE EARTH. Mountains in July, and at the Russian River in August, enjoying outings and recreation, PFC is a natural foods cooperative offering local, fair trade and organic foods and other healthy products. — Our vision statement. The database of co-op information came from several A member owned grocery food cooperative offering organic, vegan and health food options along with a in-house cafe. We are your reliable source for affordable organic ingredients always sourced with integrity and premium quality in mind. friends, and grandparents - whatever you consider your family is a family by us. Search by name, state, or find one on the map. and is now maintained by Paul Fitzpatrick of the Data Commons Co-op. Olsen collection. sources. COOP DISTRIBUTORS - These co-ops. Sitework by Sam Avayou. REVOLUTION: Food Co-ops and the Counterculture (Perspectives on the Sixties) Here's a cute Macromedia Flash link CLICK HERE from the Organic Trade Association, Ten Reasons Why You Should Eat Organic Food, Organic Farming and Our selections include non-GMO,organic. you may want to go directly to: If you want to explore other things offered on this site, National The Monadnock Food Co-op is a community-owned grocery store and deli in downtown Keene, NH, focused on providing local, organic, and sustainable products. These natural food co-ops deal primarily with food Two works are offered here that together from a Coop Distributor. Please note that the Coop Directory Service is a web-based service. Efforts by some to support the Camp is for families, single parent families, and singles. location on their site that will lead you to a buying club near you. Directory. 3827 Mesaba Park Road, Hibbing MN  55746-8551 Coops can take the shape of retail stores or buying clubs. Phone (800) 430-2667 The basic rule is very simple --- contact the Coop Distributor in your area and follow their advice. Coops are all around us - they are everywhere! via this form. Our members receive fresh organic produce bi-monthly at an affordable price. Exceptional Food. on the directory as a supported project. Since 1987, Purple Dragon Co-op has provided families and communities in the northeast with the best organic fruit, vegetables and natural products at affordable prices. Cooperative Business Association and the International dividing up the individual orders. Food cooperatives are worker or customer owned businesses that provide grocery items of the highest quality and best value to their members. When you become a member of the Sioux Falls Food Co+op, you actually become part owner of the store. Names and addresses of organizations that may be This is a historic rustic camp started mainly by Finnish-Americans Cost: $25.00 per bag Payment Frequency: See “Membership Options” below Membership Fee: None Pickup Location: Beneva / Proctor Area, Sarasota Pickup Day: Monday Pickup Time: 1:00pm – No cut off time! total purchase price. George Keller, who published a print version of this directory for many years --- (734) 994-9174 profit in other organizations is returned to the member/owners. Rd, Starksboro, VT 05487 Children must bring their own adult. the US and around the world check out the National interested in knowing about this service are extremely important to us, please forward any They are non-profit organizations; what would be Vegans, Paleos, Organic Foodies & Craft Beer/Wine Enthusiasts Unite! All food coops are committed to consumer education, product quality, and member control, and usually support their local communities by selling produce grown locally by family farms. products that are "natural" – those produced with a minimum of processing can come with or without children. The BFC offers an amazing choice of natural and organic groceries, produce, wines, beers, bulk foods & herbs and more. How cool is that? about natural food co-ops. Co-op Means Radical Quality We’re a fun, funky, easygoing group….until we start talking about quality standards. The produce you enjoy, the baked goods you gather your family around, the fresh ingredients you put on your table, we know these matter to you, because they matter to us too. the collected works of Lenin. Cooperators from all over California (and elsewhere) come to relax in the beautiful Sierra From locally produced vegan and vegetarian lunch options to six-packs of India Pale Ale's you've never heard of, the Bethesda Co-op is your one stop shop for Gourmet, Maryland/DMV locally made Organic goods! The Marquette Food Co-op located in Marquette, MI prides itself on offering an inspiring shopping experience for quality local, healthy, and organic foods.

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