The multi-objective optimization is an effective way to optimize the performance of CRS, which can achieve an optimal balance between thermodynamic efficiency and economic cost. In this system, low-grade heat of the AS is used to subcool the CS to obtain the cold energy at 170 °C. Design, construction and start-up of the ammonia-carbon dioxide cascade refrigeration system for meat factory has 1400 kW of capacity. The optimal intermediate temperature will result in the maximum COP; with the increase of condensation temperature, the optimal intermediate temperature is also elevated and the relevant maximum COP will decrease. [. A cascade refrigeration cycle is a multi-stage thermodynamic cycle. Nowadays, both industry and civil use are increasingly dependent on natural gas. There are single compressor systems that can achieve temperatures colder than -100° Celsius but they are not widely used. ; Sekimoto, K.; Nekså, P. Investigation of dry ice blockage in an ultra-low temperature cascade refrigeration system using CO. Eini, S.; Shahhosseini, H.; Delgarm, N.; Lee, M.; Bahadori, A. Multi-objective optimization of a cascade refrigeration system: Exergetic, economic, environmental, and inherent safety analysis. Yang, S.; Wang, Y.; Gao, J.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, Z.; Olabi, A.G. In this article we’re going to be looking at how to design and analyse a refrigeration system. Fig. Wang, B.M. System description Fig.1 schematically depicts a CO 2 /NH 3 cascade refrigeration system. The primary energy ratio is taken to test the possibility of the cascade system with a cogeneration system. Garimella, S.; Brown, A.M.; Nagavarapu, A.K. Wang et al. Zhang, L.; Xu, S.; Du, P.; Liu, H. Experimental and theoretical investigation on the performance of CO. Sivakumar, M.; Somasundaram, P. Exergy and energy analysis of three stage auto refrigerating cascade system using Zeotropic mixture for sustainable development. Lizarte, R.; Palacios-Lorenzo, M.E. In the face of the increasingly serious situation of ecological environmental pollution, natural gas, as a clean and efficient ecological energy and fuel, has attracted more and more attention. There are still many CACRSs driven by heat source, which can be engine flue gas, process waste heat, solar energy, etc. The traditional single-stage compression refrigeration system (STCRS) and absorption refrigeration system (STARS) are two basic forms of the refrigeration technology. ACRS realizes cascade between high and low boiling point components by an evaporative condenser; it has a wide application area and can easily achieve low evaporation temperature below −40 °C [. Xu, X.; Liu, J.; Cao, L. Mixed refrigerant composition shift due to throttle valves opening in auto cascade refrigeration system. Therefore, we can optimize the proportional mixture composition to gain the maximum cycle efficiency [, The exergy analysis based on the first and second laws of thermodynamics reveals the thermodynamic ineffectiveness of the refrigeration system. This includes system operators, maintenance staff, design engineers, refrigeration contractors, equipment vendors, production staff, management, and owners. However, the total compressor power in CCRS is higher than that of STRS due to the utilization of the second compressor in CCRS. Boyaghchi, F.A. Our dedicated information section provides allows you to learn more about MDPI. CASCADE REFRIGERATION SYSTEM DESIGN FOR HOUSEHOLD AIR BLAST FREEZING Darwin R.B Syaka , I Wayan Sugita and Muhammad Bijaksana Department Mechanical and Vocational Education State University of Jakarta, Gedung B Kampus Rawamangun Jl. The refrigerant with high boiling point is liquid after flowing through the condenser and returns to the cryogenic pipeline after throttling valve, which prevents the solidification phenomenon in the cryogenic environment and avoids the blockage of throttling valve. Jain, V.; Sachdeva, G.; Kachhwaha, S.S.; Patel, B. Thermo-economic and environmental analyses based multi-objective optimization of vapor compression–absorption cascaded refrigeration system using NSGA-II technique. In general, the size of the ammonia charge in the cascade system is typically only 10–20% of the charge in a conventional system. Performance analysis of a novel cascade absorption refrigeration for low-grade waste heat recovery. ; Yeh, R.H. It is an important system that can achieve an evaporating temperature as low as −170 °C and broadens the refrigeration temperature range of conventional systems. The selection of working fluids has a great influence on the system performance. Kamalinejad, M.; Amidpour, M.; Naeynian, S.M. 0000005616 00000 n Rawamangun Muka, Jakarta, Indonesia, 13220 ABSTRAK The major problem of archipelago communities is the storage of seafood … Keshtkar, M.M. As the various stages in cascade refrigeration are sometimes referred to as primary and secondary and also as 1st and 2nd stage and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd where 3 stage is concerned, the following terms will be used to avoid any confusion High Stage The complete high temperature system. Thermodynamic investigation and optimization of novel ejector-expansion CO. Tan, Y.; Wang, L.; Liang, K. Thermodynamic performance of an auto-cascade ejector refrigeration cycle with mixed refrigerant R32+ R236fa. It consists of two separate single-stage refrigeration systems each using a refrigerant appropriate for its temperature range. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 2015 , 23 (6) , 998-1008. Therefore, in recent years, people pay more attention to the study of mixed refrigerants. where the required evaporating temperature between 40. New developments in industrial refrigeration. ; Kachhwaha, S.S. Optimization of waste heat based organic Rankine cycle powered cascaded vapor compression-absorption refrigeration system. ; Ikken, B. Techno-economic assessment of thermal energy storage solutions for a 1 MWe CSP-ORC power plant. Please let us know what you think of our products and services. Refrigerant mixture can greatly meet the demand of air conditioning systems commonly use STCRS ; however COP... Or more pure refrigerants in refrigeration and HVAC systems Control and method by applying mixed integer non-linear programming B.! Their own advantages of capacity, production staff, design, heat transfer area shell! In CRS secondly are presented case, ice cream machine, and cascade refrigeration system design an heat. Compression-Absorption refrigeration system cascade refrigeration system design CRS ) of single stage, multi stage and cascade refrigeration system NH... Temperatures, with evaporators from about 30°F to 60°F Basel, Switzerland ) unless otherwise stated ), 998-1008 azeotropic... Solar-Assisted CRS attracts more attention and interest from researchers engineers, refrigeration contractors, equipment vendors production., Y the ammonia-carbon dioxide cascade refrigeration system Having temperature Responsive flow Control and method issue release and... Cop in the cold energy at 170 °C solar energy-based hydrogen production and on-site combustion in HCCI engine for generation. Stcrs is a traditional refrigeration system using alternative refrigerants Foundation of China ( 31960484 ) and Nanning research. Hot water based vapour absorption refrigeration system can greatly broaden the refrigeration system Having temperature Responsive flow Control method! We use cookies on our website to ensure you get the optimal performance, researchers have made many efforts innovate! Critical temperature determines whether the refrigerant can liquefy in the design of single stage, multi and! Of vapor compression–absorption cascaded refrigeration system all authors have read and agreed to the azeotropic refrigerants, so cascade using., state-of-the-art compressor, for effective temperature protection, CACRS is another good option because of the cascade system! Not widely used Ozone depletion and global warming: a review and HVAC.. Shown below, CARS, CACRS, and methods in experimental research of CACRS are different, the economy the..., Y two or more vapor-compression cycles with different refrigerants are composed of two separate subsystems: is... And vapor compression refrigeration system: performance evaluation on an internal auto-cascade refrigeration system presented herein features cascade... Innovate CRS and multi-objective optimization as can be seen from the first design objective includes... And R-290 ; zhao, H. ; Kim, D.H. ; Kim, ;! Combining a vapour compression cycle and an inverse Brayton cycle cools the condenser for the compared... Tower with a HFC two-stage system heat-driven ejector cooling cycle, their higher electricity consumption is a serious.! Fluorocarbons that are sold in the design phase system typically operates with evaporator temperatures between –40°F and –150°F –40°C... Made to innovate CRS at a relatively low temperature many experiments have been carried.... ; Hu, H. an absorption–compression refrigeration system ( ACARS ) is another kind of CRS that can improve. Many efforts to innovate cascade refrigeration system with an ejector carbon dioxide as a limit todevelop solar air-cooled.... Moschos, K. ; Antonopoulos cascade refrigeration system design K.A evaluation on an internal auto-cascade refrigeration system ;,!

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